José Poupal

With over 30 years of experience in the public safety and security industry, Jose is the backbone of the Executive Solutions’ success as the as the best company for security, transportation and health care in Puerto Rico. Recognized for being a visionary and for his leadership in the industry, Poupal is also known for being a pioneer in innovation. His initiatives have attracted many clients who have witnessed the reach of Executive Solutions and have caused it to become the company of choice in Puerto Rico.

MArie Poupal

A successful, multifaceted executive with almost 20 years of traffic and logistics, management and medical administrative industries experience. Marie is responsible for developing and implementing company business development for Executive Solutions. As an expert in the industry, she is also responsible for growing Executive Solutions client list and ensuring those clients receive the highest level of service. 

Verónica Ríos

Verónica joined Executive Solutions in 2018 and is responsible for corporate finance and accounting. During her time in Executive Solutions, Verónica has developed and implemented various initiatives for customer service, operations and business development.